Family Vacation at the Barcelo Palace

All-inclusive.  The phrase causes some people to shudder in disgust (“how will you get an authentic experience if you don’t leave the resort?”) and others to sigh in relief (“I won’t have to worry about a thing AND there won’t be any hidden costs!”). I love a good DIY adventure, but I also believe there’s something to be said for an all-inclusive resort. And I particularly like an AI for a family vacation more geared toward having fun and relaxing. Enter the Barceló Palace.


After hours of scouring the internet and speaking with friends and fellow travel agents I finally decided upon the Barceló Palace for my family’s inaugural Mexico vacation (hubs and I had visited before, but it was the 10 YO boy child’s first visit). My most recent AIs were both Iberostar Grands so I knew I wanted to stay somewhere with a posh reputation otherwise I’d spend my entire vacation kicking myself. My secondary criteria was a good beach and plenty of things to do to keep a boy busy. The Barceló Palace promised all this and more. And they delivered.


Did I mention I wanted posh? I’m a total sucker for beautifully manicured grounds.


And a beautiful buffet.


Can you tell I’m extra interested in pastries?

And a gorgeous beach. Note that some of the trees have electrical outlets!

Even the rinse stations between the beach and the rest of the resort are pretty.


As you can plainly see, the resort is beautiful and well kept. It’s also massive. We stayed in the Palace and generally did not feel a need to visit the other parts of the resort though a Palace wristband will gain you entry and access to all the other parts of the resort AND top shelf liquor AND reservations at an à la carte restaurant for every evening of your stay at no additional charge (non-Palace guests must pay $20 per person to dine at these and are limited in the number of reservations they can make).


There are three à la carte restaurants at the Palace: Rodizio, Brasserie, & Caribe. Reservations need to be made at the Guest Services desk around the corner from the check in desk. Do this as soon as you arrive because you cannot do it in advance and spaces fill up fast! I tried to make reservations at Rodizio (churrascaria), Brasserie (French), and La Trattoria (the Italian restaurant in the mall). La Trattoria was booked, but I was able to secure reservations at the other two.  The woman at Guest Services gave me printed receipts of my reservations which I brought with me when we checked in at the restaurants.  While this is not required it did seem to facilitate the process.  A couple checked in after my family without their receipt and some time was spent looking up the reservation.  No big deal, but the receipts made life easier for everyone.

Rodizio. This was a meat lover’s paradise.  My husband chose to have the churrascaria service and was presented with 7 different types of meat. My son chose the enoteca (NY strip) and loved it. I had the spinach lasagna which was very tasty (and I may have helped the boy with his steak). No photos were taken as we were too busy eating.

Brasserie. I was a bit concerned about this one because none of the adult options appealed to the boy. He ended up with a ham and cheese sandwich with fries. Mike and I both had the burgundy escargot which was fantastic (even the boy enjoyed it once we convinced him to try a bite). My beef wellington was pretty good though the pastry was a bit gummy in the center (still a much better job than I could have done). Mike had the duck. he said it was a little overcooked but added that maybe he should have ordered it differently. His crème brûlée was not very good, but the surprise chocolate boxes were.  I really thought we’d receive a box with a few chocolate truffles, but this is what we got instead:


Yes, the box itself is made of chocolate. Sorry to ruin the surprise. It was so pretty we hated to eat it, but we did it anyway and enjoyed every bite. And it more than made up for the so-so crème brûlée. The Brasserie menu is below (my apologies for the terrible glare).


In addition to the three à la cartes, the Palace has two buffet dining rooms (El Mirador and La Hacienda). They share an actual buffet though there are different things on both sides so don’t be afraid to cross the threshold or you may miss out on something delicious! There are different theme nights (i.e. Mexican night or Seafood night).  We dined in El Mirador on the seafood night and discovered that there were plenty of options besides seafood. These buffets are for when you’re dry. When you’re wet, head to the Coral Grill (literally next door to La Hacienda so there’s no missing it). This is a much smaller buffet, but a good place for late breakfast or a snack. Oh! And did I mention that the buffets have serve yourself beer and coffee? I didn’t utilize these, but I did see some people do it.  The waiters were plenty quick with carafes of coffee in the mornings so I didn’t see the need. And speaking of the waiters, never did I see any of them with anything but a smile.  Our service was fantastic at every meal, in every restaurant, and even at every bar. Bring plenty of tip money because the staff works hard and deserves it.


There are plenty of included activities at the Barceló. We did not take advantage of any of the pool slides or the miniature golf, but they are options if you’re so inclined.  We really wanted to take out the water trikes (who even knew that was a thing?) but the water was too rough when we wanted to go. Single person kayaks are also available, but that felt too much like work. Mike got a refresher course in the use of a Hobie cat and took the boy and me out for a ride. Lessons were free of charge, but once again the staff is amazing and should be rewarded, so plan to tip. No payment was required for the use of the non-motorized equipment.

water trikes. seriously how cool is that?



If you have your own snorkel gear then bring it because you won’t want to miss some of the resident wildlife.



All the food and swimming had us going to bed before 10 every night (which is a shame because the shows all start at 9:30).  The rooms were pretty and the bathroom divided in such a way that someone could use the toilet in privacy while someone else was in the bathroom.

The only thing I did not like at the resort was the bed. I despise these beds. They are hard and the sheets are noisy. Yes, you read that correctly. Noisy sheets. After two nights I discovered that if I slipped the mattress protector to the side by releasing two corners, removed the loud sheet, and lined up the pillows to create my own pillowtop mattress, the bed was acceptable. My husband did the same (less the pillows) on the other double bed which was free because my son begged me to sleep on the couch because it was more comfy than the bed. A five star resort should not have a one star bed. So while it’s my only complaint it is a big one.



Right. So I struggled with this one a bit. There is a daily show at 11:30 for no charge and you can pay to interact with the dolphins.  The pool seemed quite small to house 5 dolphins thought it is approved by some European dolphin regulatory group or something.


Wifi.  Wifi costs $12/day for one day. The more days you purchase the less the cost per day. Only one device can be logged in at a time. At first I thought this was bordering on a disgrace, but I found that I really didn’t miss it.  We did purchase it so my husband could do some work and my son used it a bit, too. If you use Apple devices you have to go to a special web address to log on and off. Unfortunately one of our devices got “stuck” logged in and we couldn’t free it so Mike was forced to work from his phone. He states he wouldn’t go back unless they fixed the way they handle the internet.

Airport transfers. I purchased a package from Funjet with a private transfer through Lomas Travel. Finding them at the airport was easy peasy. They have a cooler in their vehicles with cold drinks including beer available for purchase at half the price of the kiosk outside the airport.

Included wine. Not a big deal for most of you, but I enjoy red wine with dinner. There was only one included red wine and I never thought to get the name. It wasn’t awesome but it was drinkable (I generally prefer malbecs, blends, & riojas if that helps). Non included bottles can be purchased for 3-4 times what you’d pay at a store in the US.

Excursions. There are several travel companies at the ground floor of the Palace. You can purchase an excursion through them or directly through the resort. We purchased the Tulum Express through Lomas and found ourselves on a bus with guests from another part of the Barcelo who purchased directly though the resort. I did not ask what they paid but I will tell you that I was able to negotiate our price down. I guess the lesson is to shop the price or just pick whoever makes you feel comfortable.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I will reward you with the most important advice I have to give about travel in Mexico. When you arrive at Immigration and present the form you’ve been given to the officer, he/she will tear off the bottom and give it back to you. YOU MUST NOT LOSE THIS OR YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY. Seriously. I have a friend whose wife misplaced his and he had to sleep at the airport (until they kicked him out because they close every night) and he had to complete extra paperwork for some government official and pay extra money the following day during business hours. Hungover. With a broken toe. Don’t let this happen to you. I attach a paperclip to the back cover of my passport and store my government papers there. You should, too.

Interested in learning more? Any questions I neglected to answer? Leave a comment or contact me directly at




One thought on “Family Vacation at the Barcelo Palace”

  1. Our friends lost their papers when the resort copied their passports, they didn’t get the papers back. Scared the crap out of us with the whole “you can’t leave without it”! They just had to go to the immigration office in the airport fill out new papers and pay $30 a person. Not a huge deal.
    Great article tho!


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